With the ever growing canyon between demand and supply of electricity in Pakistan, it is difficult to believe that situation will get better in near future. Electricity prices are increasing and dependency on generators increases the energy costs by 70%.

Suntech Solutions has come up with diverse solutions to reduce the energy costs of residential sector. We not only help you decrease your electricity bills but also ensure that you get uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day. Our solar technology will power your home using the sun during the day and will turn into a UPS after sunset.


Solar water pumping is very beneficial for agricultural sector. Extended load shedding and skyrocketing electricity prices have made it hard for agriculturists to operate their tube wells in traditional way. Diesel costs have also become unaffordable.

We provide multi-purpose solutions for agriculture sector which gives more water, excludes running expenditures and increases productivity.


The biggest gainers from the solar technology are commercial entities that operate when the sun is shining bright. This means minimum reliance on the grid, uninterruptible power supply, significantly reduced electricity and diesel expenditure and smooth running of the system. Commercial systems have payback period of less than one year*.


We offer solar system that will ensure uninterrupted power supply to appliances such as laptops, desktops, printers, lights, fans, etc. We also offer replacement of conventional air conditioners with energy efficient inverter based air conditioners.


Solar power is the most convenient solution for banks that will significantly reduce operating expenditures. In current environment most bank branches are operating on generators. Furthermore ATMs have to be up and running 24 hours a day. Solar solutions will reduce billing costs and ensure seamless operations.


Perhaps no other sector requires uninterrupted power supply more than healthcare. Currently all major hospitals, labs and clinics have huge electricity costs. We believe we can help with that. We can offer systems that will significantly lower operational expenditure and use solar technology with existing resources to offer Multi source Integrated Systems which will ensure power at all hours during the day.


Educational institutes have high lighting and air conditioning needs. This often translates into high operational expenditure. We can assist in significantly lowering these operational expenditures by replacing energy efficient products; such as LEDs with tube lights/energy savers and conventional ACs with inverter based ACs. Moreover, solar solution is offered for reduced billing cost which pays back within two years.*


Our industry has been most affected by the energy crisis. In addition, labour downtime can have its own cost. Consequently, it has become hard for the industrial sector to stay competitive with the global producers

At Suntech Solutions, we offer revolutionary solutions for our clients to ensure that their operational costs are lowered significantly and that they are competitive again.